INSEAD 2020 September Batch Applicants

Less than 6 weeks to Round 1~


My overriding guidance is to first take stock of yourself with regards to the 4 criteria: academics, leadership, contribution and international orientation. Really examine what examples you can provide in each of these areas, and figure out where to include them in the application. 


Not everyone has to have 100% in all these areas but I would recommend that you look at measures you can take to mitigate problems. Some ideas for that here: 


The most important thing however, is to understand your unique contribution, that no one else could make to the program, and get that across. Because ultimately good enough is not good enough; they are looking for STARS that add value to the program (which, don’t forget, is the product they are selling.)


See yourself realistically. Please know that if you plan to “make up” one area for another, there is likely another applicant who does not need to do that. Other applicants are good. They are solid. Keep in mind the GSB mantra: it’s not about evaluation but selection. Will you play the part they need? Who else is going up for the role? 

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