Preparing for Round 1 – #3 – Communication Skills

#3- Communication skills


MBA Schools have impromptu video questions, compulsory interviews, networking – in sum, communication skills comes into play in your application.


If you feel insecure about yours, joining a nearby chapter of Toastmasters will indicate that you proactively solve challenges. This involvement has many benefits: yes, becoming a better speaker, but also networking and receiving mentorship.  


Given all the presentations you need to do in business school, getting out in front of this is your best strategy.



26/03/2021 by sachin sharma

hello communication skills is one of the important and demanding soft skills for doing MBA or any other applied course. it helps in connecting with the masses efficiently and effectively. so always try to improve communication skills on continue basis. success depends on strong communication skills that leads to negotiation with the people in right direction.

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