Preparing for Round 1 – #4 – MBA Career Goals

#4 – Define your MBA career goals. MBA admissions committees recruit candidates who know know what they want to do, because those candidates are far more likely to leverage their time in business school for the purpose of fulfilling their goals. They are a safer investment for the schools.


Many of the people I speak with want to go to business school to figure things out and see what appeals to them. That is called READY-FIRE-AIM, and it is a colossal waste of resources. Two years will go by in a flash and all you will have to show for it is a huge bill.


When candidates have goals, they have a focus for recruitment and seem more marketable. More likely to get a job. And a safer investment for the schools.


Look within. Get some career coaching first and then figure out if this MBA thing is your ideal next step. Know the function & industry you want to be in, and why that will fulfill you. If you need an MBA to get there, great – but don’t go to business school to fix your life. Do the introspection work first. This will put you on the proper trajectory, and if you still choose to do an MBA, your essays will be more persuasive and high-impact


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