Preparing for Round 1 – #5 – Informational Interviews

#5- DO INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS. This allow you to speak from a place of knowledge and conviction. That increases the impact of your essays and chances for an admit.


I cannot underscore this enough. Work your Linked In connections. Reach out to people over email. Some find this scary, but it’s worth it. You need to figure out if your post-MBA career goal is what you really want to do, before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve it.


Having some specifics allows you to create a more compelling vision in your essays. Next, figure out which programs are ideally suited to help you achieve them. What do you need to get from point A to point B?


Look at the special programs/curriculum/alumni network offered by each school and back out your answer from there. Obtain a clear and specific understanding of how the program for each school fits with your career goals. When they ask you, Why Duke? Why Wharton? Why Tuck? you need a clear, thought-out response.


What not to do: I like the city, and your school has a good reputation in US News & World Report. NOOOOO…..that is like saying I want to marry you because you are pretty. And it will not separate you from the competition. You need to articulate a concrete plan that demonstrates your 1) specific Post-MBA goals and 2) plan to achieve them.


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