Q & A: Haas EWMBA – Apply Round 3 or Wait?

Q: I’m trying to determine whether I’d be better off applying now to the Berkeley Haas evenings-weekends program (the 3rd-round deadline is March 7th), or instead waiting until this fall to apply.  I’ve only recently decided to pursue an MBA at Haas and am aware I’ve left myself no time for GRE quant score improvement and little time — about two weeks — to assemble a dazzling application! 


A: Of course, wait. Give yourself the proper time to prepare the application and do your very best to maximize your test score. And as you might know the odds of acceptance for round 3 are significantly lower most of the time. If you’re not a significantly diverse applicant round 3 is just not for you. There’s no substitute for time with this process. 


Take the time to work on the GRE but backup plan do MBAmath.com as that shows you can hack the work no matter what your GRE score is. Flesh out anything that might be weak in your profile. Take on a community leadership position. Join Toastmasters. Set up informational interviews with the job you want post MBA. Research your goals backwards and forwards.

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