Q & A: Meeting with Adcom after being waitlisted

Q: I was waitlisted for 1 of the schools I applied to and will be meeting up with Adcom for a discussion. If Adcom asks which other schools I have been accepted/ waitlisted, what would be the best response? I want to reiterate that the school is definitely my top choice. I have other offers in the bag but do I have to reveal it?


A: Stay focused on why this school, rather than why not competing schools. I generally advise to only mention schools that are beneath the rank of the one in question. This way they are less concerned that if they choose you…you will choose them back. 


If the other offers are not even in the league of the school, it might make you look more desirable to show you are being sought after by one of their competing schools… BUT make sure that that competing school is less of a fit with your goals and values than their school.


The keyword here is FIT. You need to be clear about your goals and how this is the ideal school to help you bring those to fruition. So that means you need to be quite clear about your goals and about their schools offerings. They want to know if they extend the opportunity to you, it will be well leveraged and not squandered. 

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